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PaddleFit Land

Our land based classes will focus on building functional strength as well as help with overall conditioning. We believe that the land training should focus heavily on preventing injury and that is exactly what we do. We use minimal equipment to be able to focus on perfecting the exercise movements. We adjust the intensity of the class based on the individuals taking the class. Whether we are indoors at our training facility or at the beach we will be having fun and becoming fit.

PaddleFit Water Summer 2015 drop-in $25

Spending time on water is the only way to get better at paddling.  Each individual class will have a main theme and area of focus whether that be paddling drills, strength exercises or paddling intervals.  The PaddleFit Water class will allow us to work on paddling technique as well as strength and endurance. Class is for those who have some paddling experience.

PaddleFit Complete Summer 2015 drop-in $25

Our interval based class will incorporate land strength exercises with paddling. The combination of being on the water working on paddling skills as well as building strength and endurance during the land portion provide a great workout. Elevating your heart rate combined with strength exercises will have you feeling the positive effects long after the class is over. The class is for those with some prior paddling experience.

Paddle Mobility Summer 2015 drop-in $25

Our mobility class is for individual wishing to develop effective mobility and flexibility strategies, improve ideal athlete positioning and movement set-up, and implement whole-body maintenance practices.

SUP Yoga Summer 2015 drop-in $25

Come enjoy the practice of Yoga combined with Stand Up Paddle Boarding.  SUP Yoga presents a lighthearted, and safe, yoga opportunity to support your unique mind and body as you progress with strength and confidence…all this on the water. All levels are welcome to join for a friendly, fun workout! The class is focused on alignment, awareness and balance.

Tahoe Waterman Team Training Summer 2015 drop-in $30

This class is geared toward our Tahoe Waterman Team of paddlers, everyone is welcome to participate.  The technique learned and the skilled practiced will help participant to paddle longer with more efficiency, perform in races and make your overall paddle experience the best it can be.  The class is for those with some prior paddling experience that are interested in taking their paddling to the next level and achieve their full potential on the water.

Junior Tahoe Waterman Team Training Summer 2015drop-in $25

A youth paddle programs for all paddling levels. Kids will be coached while excelling to the best of their ability; practicing basic technique, performing paddling and race skills. Please take notes that the Tahoe Waterman Adults and kids sessions will be run simultaneously, passing on paddle-sport traditions while providing the Tahoe Waterman lifestyle and culture.

Tahoe Waterman OC6 Paddle Summer 2015 drop-in $30

The Tahoe Waterman OC6 paddle session is focused on creating a strong foundation of OC paddling. It is open to all paddlers ranging from those who just started paddling to seasoned paddlers who want to focus on fundamentals. The premise of this program is to work on technique and getting familiar with all of the nuances of outrigger paddling and get a good workout in. You will get the opportunity to sit in seats one through five so you can familiarize yourself with the unique responsibilities of each seat.

Tahoe WaterWoman Summer 2015 drop-in $25

These workouts are exclusive to the ladies with the objective to get fit, build confidence and be as happy as a women can be; the workout includes some swimming, some beach running and paddling. Previous experience in the mentioned activities is recommended although not required, we can work around it!

Woman SUP skill clinic Summer 2015 drop-in $25

These workouts are exclusive to the ladies.  The objective for the Women Skill Clinic is to get the ladies confident on their SUP. Skill covered on this class includes but not limited to paddle technique, buoy turns, race tactics and techniques.  We discuss training, personal goals, nutrition/hydration, mental preparation and more. Previous experience is recommended although not required, we can work around it!


Equipments is not included for some of these classes unless mentioned in the description. Discounted boards are available at Watermans landing.  Rental boards are not available if we travel to your location.







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