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Lots of thought about my good friend @banfieldjr.charlie while racing #Surfski @seatreksausalito Charlie was the paddlers paddler always participating in different races and racing different paddle craft. He and I would push each other constantly to paddle things that we were not used to and getting out of our comfort zones. It was tough paddling a Surfski for almost two hours and racing against some fast guys and girls but I thought about Charlie a lot and it helped push through the hard times. I miss the #gorillapaddler thanks Charlie for sending me som Gorilla Strength to paddle hard and take home a 🥉! #gorillastrong @teamoceanofhope Jaxi showing me how to strum! #ukulele #lessons from my 5yr old Amazing day on #donnerlake doing some #Surfski #paddling getting ready for the @seatreksausalito race @epickayaks #epicv10 slicing and dicing! #paddleeverything #rideeverything Back in #tahoe @watermanslanding and getting ready for @seatreksausalito #surfski race #paddleeverything #epickayaks Thanks Hawaii it was fun! Now back to the mountains #notready Recovery day 2 post Molokai #outrigger #worldchamps two days after a major workout or super hard race is usually when the body is hurting the most and I am feeling it for sure. I’m looking forward to getting back on the water today. I’ve been applying @doterra deep blue cream to my sore spots and I am feeling really good! Thanks @anikwild for being recovery guru and giving me the right stuff to recover fast! Hit Anik up and ask her about other amazing @doterrascience #doterra #recovery #essentialoils #traindifferent #wildlifestyleproject Pre paddle prep on Molokai consisted of jumping in the 💦 #ocean #cliffjumping Molokai to Oahu #outrigger #worldchamps #doneanddusted thank you to everyone for the thoughts, comments and help to make this dream come true! E Ku I Luna Northern California paddled hard and I’m proud to have been apart of the crew! Can’t wait to do it again, training starts next week! Really looking forward to paddling the channel of bones tomorrow with a bunch of great guys from Northern California!
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