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Daily workout – Strength

One thing I know for sure is that movement is life. If I dont move I am not living and living is what life is all about. I notice that when I am practicing functional movements consistently –  i.e., multi-joint movements, I am able to have more fun living and playing. When I am focusing on just one sport or specific movements that are involved in one sport I find that I starting losing functional movement mobility and then when I go out and play in a different way or sport then I am not having as much fun. I recommend to get up and get out of your comfort zone by adding some functional movements to your workout routine. The one that I am going to talk about today is the squat.


Why squat? The squat is a vital, natural, and functional component of your being. In the bottom position, the squat is nature’s intended sitting posture. Only in the industrialized world do we find the need for chairs, couches, benches, and stools. This comes at a loss of functionality that contributes immensely to decrepitude.

On the athletic front, the squat is the quintessential hip extension exercise, and hip extension is the foundation of all good human movement. Powerful, controlled hip extension is necessary and nearly sufficient for elite athleticism. “Necessary” in that without powerful, controlled hip extension you are not functioning anywhere near your potential. “Sufficient” in the sense that everyone we’ve met with the capacity to explosively open the hip could also run, jump, throw, and punch with impressive force. Secondarily, but no less important, the squat is among those exercises eliciting a potent neuroendocrine response. This benefit is ample reason for an exercise’s inclusion in your regimen. Please watch the video below to find out about proper squat technique and the difference between a high bar back squat and a low bar back squat.

All right lets work out!


3 rounds of….

25 static air squats, static meaning GO SLOW & air squat means no bar & no weight.

10 bar only squats, weight in the heels and keep chest up.

10 dumbbell squats. Keep arms long and dumbbells next to thighs. Keep core engaged. Pick a light weight and increase weight slightly for the next two rounds. With the dumbbell squat make sure your heels are on the ground and you are pushing through your heels and keep your chest up.


10 x bar squat (be careful in choosing a weight)

3min rest

7 x bar squat (increase weight but be careful)

3min rest

5 x bar squat (increase weight but be careful)


20  air squats


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