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Mobility tip of the Week

Stand up paddleboarding is a fantastic way to get on the water, exercise and enjoy the glide but it can be hard on the body. Especially the harder you push your boards hull speed. Stand up paddleboards are not the fastest vessel on the water. At over 26″ wide for most boards, there is a lot of drag and for the people trying to get the most speed possible out of your board, it takes its toll on the body. We have experienced numerous nagging injuries from our years of racing, especially in the early years, as boards were really slow!

As crossfitters we understand the benefits of mobility and we have been huge fans of Kelly Starrett since starting crossfit in 2008. I am very happy to see him in this article with SUP the mag. Kelly is a paddler so he really understands what we can put our body through while searching for more speed on our SUP. Kelly is straightforward and tells it like it is and the bottom line is if you want to go faster you need to be more efficient and to be more efficient you need to understand the techniques of the stroke but also be physically mobile enough to practice those understandings. Follow Kelly’s blog, for great tips on mobility!

Check out this great video Kelly put out…..

Today’s community episode is a quick glimpse of how we apply the principles of our system to even esoteric-fringe sports like stand-up paddling. The movement/physiologic principles of the body are applicable to any position or sport. Why do we hammer foot position and not collapsing your ankles on silly exercises like box jumps and double-unders? Because moving well is moving well. What’s the point of learning how to screw your feet into the ground when you squat if you don’t also do it in actual sports? That flexed upper back that is wrecking your over-head shoulder positioning? Well, it’s ruining your paddling too. That’s one of the reasons we do all of this complicated exercising. It’s up to us to connect the dots. Oh, remember when Greg Glassman said we should go out and learn new sports all the time? Well, one of the reasons is because that a new sport gives you a chance to apply the principles of human movement to a new platform. Around our gym, one of the ways we define the “best athlete” is the kid that can pick up the new skill the fastest. Take what you know, map it onto a new sport, and don’t forget what you already know and are good at.



Shoulder stretches

Being a paddler I have very tight shoulders and at times it messes with my technique. Check out this link to help loosen up the shoulders!

Daily workout, December 3rd. – Recovery

Today is a recovery day so get out but keep the heart rate low, focus on technique and have fun with your work out. Also try and get some yoga or some kind of stretching in today. Check out Mobility WOD for great ideas on specific area pains and gains.


45min @ 50%, row, sup, oc, run, bike, swim…….

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Maximum recovery to get ready for the last few big weeks of training before all the big races! Thank you @laurencordaacupuncture for always being there when the body needs it the most! #accupuncture #therapy #recovery #training
Good times with good people on #laketahoe thanks everyone for coming out and playing on #bigblue #downwind #party #oc1 #paddler #puakeadesigns #kahelepro #qbpaddles #mauijim #myhappyplace
UPDATE! 2018 Tahoe Fall Classic Race is CANCELED due to high winds and unsafe lake crossing conditions! The wind is too high to cross the lake but we can still have fun and paddle! Let’s utilize the wind and take advantage of Lake Tahoe’s awesome downwind conditions. We are scheduling to meet at Watermans Landing at 9am where you will receive your shirt and race mug and start organizing the first downwind shuttle. We will have three shuttle times set up for the day. If you are less experienced in downwind conditions we would recommend going on the first shuttle as the wind will be good but not peaking. First shuttle will leave Watermans at 10am. Shuttle two will be around 12 and will be for those with downwind experience only and shuttle three will be at 2 and again must be a very experienced downwind paddler. If you are interested in paddling in a double Surfski or OC2 with Jay Wild please send us a message and we can schedule it. It would be a great way to experience the ultimate Tahoe sleigh ride with the guy that does it all the time! After we have surfed perfect Tahoe bumps all day we will have a party at Watermans to talk about it and just enjoy hanging with our great paddle community! Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!
Good fun on the @epickayaks #V12 thanks #mothernature for giving us great #downwind conditions #laketahoe was on 🔥 @officialmauijim @mahikuactivewear @watermanslandingtahoe @tahoewaterman @leisurekult
Found another wake to steal a ride on.....#puakeadesigns #oc1 #outriggercanoe #laketahoe #wakesurfing #qbpaddles #mauijim @puakeadesigns @qbpaddles @officialmauijim @leisurekult #loyaltothefoil
Thanks @elevationsurfcharters for swinging by and giving me a little wave to play with! #doubledown #wakesurfing #404basecamp #qbpaddles
Living this new life of sobriety for the last year and a half has showed me how much more potential I have. I was on the verge of losing everything. I am by no means in a perfect state but I am learning every day. Keeping an open mind and trying new things has kept things fun. I have been putting my mind and body through tests to find out what works and what doesn’t work. Playing with nutrition and being consistent with training has put me in the best shape of my life. It’s not about being fit to win races. It’s about being fit to endure life. Let’s face the facts, if we don’t make the changes necessary to live up to our full potential then you are doing a disservice to yourself and everyone that loves and cares about you. And if you don’t know what changes need to be done then put the ego aside and reach out to someone and ask. Here is a good question to start off with, “what is something I can do to help with my nutrition”? Go ahead ask away.....
This kids summer was #epic playing on the beach @watermanslandingtahoe all day every day. Thanks for being awesome @jaxsenwild keep charging buds!