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Riding Bumps Affiliation



We are very excited to announce our partnership with Riding Bumps!

Riding Bumps provides competitive paddleboard and SUP race training. Established by two very respected paddlers, triathletes and coaches. They have written a great book, Riding Bumps. It gives an indepth look at how to race and train. They also sell training programs.

Roch Frey: Roch is former professional triathlete from Canada who’s coaching expertise has become world renowned among the very best in the sport. After winning the Canadian Long Course National Championships in 1993, Roch turned to full-time coaching the following year. He has coached numerous professional athletes including Ironman World Champions Heather Fuhr and Peter Reid.  In 1996, Roch founded the UCSD Master’s Triathlon Training Club and is a former head coach In 2000 and 2001 Roch took his coaching expertise to the sport of Adventure Racing. Together, Roch and Paul were the head coaches for the Asian MSOQ Adventure RacingTeam. For the last 7 years Roch has been racing and coaching paddle athletes and has completed 5 Molo2oahu crossings and 1 Catalina crossing. His other credentials include  Level 3 triathlon coaching certification, and Level 1 paddling instructor certification.  Currently, Roch lives, paddles, races and coaches paddlers and triathletes in San Diego.

Paul Huddle: Huddle competed as a top level pro Triathlete for 11 years. He was closely involved in the early development of the USAT triathlon coaching certification program and is also a USA Cycling Elite Coach. For years, Huddle co-authored the widely read and enjoyed monthly Dear Coach column in Triathlete Magazine.  Throughout the year Huddle can be heard on AM 1090 in San Diego co-hosting the endurance sports oriented radio show The Competitors with the inimitable Bob Babbitt. Currently, Huddle, lives, surfs, paddles, and trains in San Diego.

Our affiliation with Riding Bumps is that Jay is one of their coaches. People that want to take their fitness and paddling to the next level often contact Riding Bumps for advice and wanting a personal coach. Check out Jay’s profile on Riding Bumps and let us know if you would like to have Jay as your personal coach!



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