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As we move forward with more training and you as an athlete become fitter and stronger, the next step is to take either a Vo2 max test or Lactate test and find out some detailed training zones. You are probably noticing that most of the workouts we post have percentages of intensity. Once you have detailed training zones you will understand where you should be exactly when we talk about working at 75%. Below is some information about Vo2max and lactate threshold that I picked up from our friends at Silver Sage Sports Performance Center

Lactate Testing

 Why Lactate testing? Lactate threshold testing is arguably the most important predictor of performance in endurance events (cycling, running, cross country skiing). Lactate is a by-product of your metabolism that is produced during exercise.

The key in training and racing is to exercise at the proper balance between lactate production and lactate absorption. While much of VO2 Max is genetically determined, your lactate threshold and your lactate threshold as a percentage of your VO2 Max is very responsive to the proper training.

Lactate threshold testing is widely considered to be the gold standard used to determine optimal training plans. Used by elite endurance athletes worldwide, serial lactate threshold tests demonstrate the effectiveness of your training and fitness progression.

Our LT protocol provides athletes with three critical pieces of information to help improve your training:

  • Heart Rate at lactate threshold- This will be used to derive or fine-tune heart rate zones for specific training intensities.
  • Power output or speed at lactate threshold- This can be used to track fitness and refine power specific or speed-specific training zones.
  • Recovery capacity- This indicates an athlete’s ability to recover from high intensity intervals or super threshold bouts.


Using our ParvoMedic True One Vo2Max testing, we can measure how your body is using particular energy sources (fats and carbohydrates).  We can also approximate your VO2 max as well your lactate threshold to determine your individual heart rate training zones. Science-based, determined heart rate zones will provide the training tools to allow you to more effectively reach your fitness goals from loosing weight to making competitive performance gains. Individualized science-based, systematic training plans are available for an additional fee. These tests are conducted at the center, cycling or running.

Vo2Max Testing

  • Indicates the body’s ability at maximum efforts to deliver and utilize oxygen during exercise
  • Measures cardio-respiratory fitness and aerobic performance potential
  • Estimates the body’s utilization of fats and carbohydrates at various intensity/heart rate levels
  • Identifies ventilatory threshold and corresponding lactate threshold to determine individualized training zones based on heart rate or power production



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