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Be Patient

Developing as an athlete is one of the funnest things to go through. Watching yourself get fit and strong while feeling comfortable in your sport is motivating. The way that you feel is as though you can take on any thing and execll at it. Be patient it only gets better. Patience is a hard thing to work with especially as you become faster and more fit. You will want to see more results and go even faster which is great but it can hurt you and hold back development to get stronger and go faster if you push too far. Patience also allows you to see the fun in your respected sport and fun is the reason why we do what we do! Yes you will want to stay focused but you can have focused fun and still achieve goals and produce results. Results will come to those who work hard and dream big but add in some patience and the possibilities are endless. This world is full of NOW, i want it now and most people can get what they want right now. When it comes to really being the best in sport I believe you need to be patient, work on the details, put the work in and allow yourself to grow as an athlete.



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