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The happiness of your life depends on the effectiveness of your perspective.

8 amazing tips from Mark and Angel, http://www.marcandangel.com/2014/12/17/8-ways-to-free-your-mind-and-take-back-control-of-your-life/   Since we were born, our minds have been gradually programmed by our surroundings and by society at large.  As we grow, evolve and awaken to this reality, we learn that it is in our best interests to uninstall some of this programming and take back control of … Continue reading

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Great day racing @tahoecupseries and seeing everyone out there putting the 🔨 down! @barkboards @surftechusa #barkteam @qbpaddles #qbpaddles @paddlethebu @matixspringer @hiballenergy @officialmauijim @stompsessions @futuressup Good morning #donnerlake race course looks prime for today's @tahoecupseries #laketahoe doing its thing! #glass #butter #oc1 #outriggercanoe @puakeadesigns @virusintl @hiballenergy @officialmauijim @qbpaddles Soooo stoked on this crew! #teamnorcalocc paddles hard and got the result we needed to show that we are for real! Thanks boys!! #outriggercanoe @alohafit_sf @puakeadesigns @qbpaddles @hiballenergy @officialmauijim @virusintl Got into the #pronezone with my buddy Joe during #teamtahoewaterman #training @watermanslanding #laketahoe @barkboards @surftechusa #barkboards #weliveforthis @officialmauijim @hiballenergy @rawelementsusa The older I get the more I understand myself. I'm realizing that I am a simple person that continually complicates things creating more stress and unhappiness.  2.5 months alcohol free has cleared my mind and I'm really finding myself now and I'm not afraid to be who I am instead of who I think people want me to be.  2.5 months is not a long time but when a person drinks like I did it can really mess you up. It doesn't work for me and I'm not afraid to say it and I'm not afraid to put it behind me and move forward. It's simple, it's positive and I'm stoked! #reflection #paddlingsavedmylife @puakeadesigns @qbpaddles @officialmauijim @surftechusa @hiballenergy @virusintl @barkboards @jamie_mitcho @coachtmud @anikdemerswild thanks for the support #itsallgood #letsdothis Happy Mother's Day @anikdemerswild I love you! Thank you for making this family happy, healthy and fun! Day done. #laketahoe @watermanslanding I'm soooo stoked on the @puakeadesigns #kahekai it works so good in the #laketahoe #bumps #downwind #oc1 matched up with my @qbpaddles #qbpaddles #vdrive111 so good! @virusintl @officialmauijim @hiballenergy #itsallgood #puakeadesigns #mauijim #virusintl @surftechusa #weliveforthis @watermanslanding @tahoewaterman @suuntooutdoor #suuntopaddle @3fu3l #3fuel @stompsessions